Top 5 Best Bowhunting Ladder Stands – [2024 Reviews & Guide]

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Today, we have one of our more exciting guides for you. In this article, you’ll quickly learn how to choose the best bowhunting ladder stand and have the chance to see our favorite models. Not every bowhunter is a fan of ladders, though, we’re big proponents of hunting from a ladder stand. The key is to choose the right ladder stand for bowhunting (which may sound obvious, but it’s not 100% for every hunter) and pick a good spot to set up.

When choosing a spot, you want to go high enough to avoid getting winded. Because once deer or other game detect your scent, you set yourself up for an unsuccessful hunt. Next, an advantage of choosing a ladder stand rather than a climbing treestand for bowhunting is that you don’t have to avoid trees with branches.

When you set up your ladder, aim for multi-trunk trees and clusters of trees to scatter your silhouette. Just these couple of tips help you get in the right frame of mind for choosing a ladder stand and to remain stealthy while using one.

What is the best bow hunting ladder stand?

Below is a list of features we look for when choosing a ladder stand for hunting. Plus, these are the features that you’ll find in our top picks below.

  1. Large Platforms – The last thing you want to do is have a tiny platform that constricts your movements or ability to turn around with your bow. Aim for platforms that extend all the way back to the tree.
  2. Flip-Up Seat – A flip-up seat is another great feature to get the seat out of your way while standing for full use of the platform.
  3. No Metal on Metal Contact – Another quality to look for is stealth operation through no metal on metal contact. Cheap models often creak, especially in cold weather. As you know, you want to be as quiet as possible to avoid detection.

So, with those key features in your mind, let’s move on to reviews of our top picks.

Bowhunting Ladder Stand Reviews

Under each of our reviews, you’ll get to check out the highlights of each model, key features, and some valuable pros & cons to consider before making your final choice.

#1) Big Game BGM-LS0550 Hunter HD 1.5 Ladder Stand

As far as getting the most bang for your buck and ticking all the right boxes for bowhunting, Big Game’s The Hunter HD 1.5 delivers. For a considerably lower price than some of the big-name brands, we really like what this model has to offer. First, the large 23.5″ Deep x 29″ Wide platform ensures you have enough room to move freely.

Second, there’s a nice, wide contoured seat for comfortable sessions. Plus, the flip-up seat delivers that extra room when you need it. Third, this model sits high with an 18’6″ height from the ground to the rail. As far as specs, it holds up to 350 lbs, and it weighs 61 lbs. In total, there are four single-rail oval tubing ladder sections to give you an idea of assembly.

Several final reasons we chose this model as our top pick for the money are the included full-body safety harness, the removable padded flip-up shooting rail, and the convenient flip-back padded footrest for added comfort. Finally, this model comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty should you run into any issues.


  • Extra-wide 29″ platform
  • Comfortable contoured flip-up seat
  • Enough height at 18’6″
  • High 350lb weight limit
  • The most affordable ladder stand in our guide
  • 1-year warranty


  • Instructions could be better
  • You might notice that it’s difficult to shoot behind you
  • Not the highest quality steel, but hey, the price reflects that

#2) Rivers Edge RE663 Bowman 1-Man Ladder Stand

Now, for a more well-known brand among bowhunters, Rivers Edge. Of the available Rivers Edge models, we like the Bowman the most of the single-man stands. Its simple yet efficient design gives you more than enough room to work with and the ability to shoot targets behind you. Keep in mind, Rivers Edge designed this model specifically for archery hunting, hence the name.

At the time of this writing, the Bowman does cost more than the Big Game model above. The key difference is that Rivers Edge uses higher quality components that are more likely to last longer and perform better. However, we feel the Bowman isn’t quite as comfortable as the Hunter HD 1.5 for extended hunting sessions.

Next, the Bowman delivers adequate height to avoid being winded at 19’5″ to the armrest and 17’1″ to the platform. As for the platform, it’s a good size at 26″ deep and 18.3″ wide. Lastly, the flip-up TearTuff mesh seat is perfect for the bowhunter, and Rivers Edge backs its products with a competitive 1-year warranty.


  • Extra-deep 26″ platform
  • Easier to shoot behind you than from the Big Game model
  • Higher quality steel than Big Game
  • Lightweight at 65 lbs
  • 1-year Rivers Edge warranty
  • Comfortable and compact flip-up TearTuff mesh seat


  • No rail if you plan to use it for rifle hunting as well
  • Narrower platform than Big Game
  • No footrest

#3) Hawk HWK-HL2073 18′ Sasquatch 2-Man Ladder Stand

If you arrived here today on the lookout for the best 2-man ladder stand for bowhunting, Hawk’s Sasquatch is currently our top pick. Of the models in this guide, this one is easily the roomiest, most premium, and most comfortable. In turn, that also means it costs a chunk of change, and it’s best for hunters who plan to use it often. Since ladder stands are prone to theft, it’s important to consider how secure your spot is because opportunistic hunters’ eyes will get big when they see this model.

So, with those words of caution, let’s take a look at what makes this model so special for bowhunting. Firstly, the platform gives two hunters more than enough room to work with since it measures a whopping 36″ Deep x 51″ Wide. Secondly, the flip-up XXL patio-style MeshComfort chairs are built for long hours of comfortable lounging. This is the type of comfort that requires an extra cup of coffee to stay awake. Plus, the advantage of this model is that the chairs operate separately rather than as one.

Several final highlights are the flip-back shooting rail, Safe-Tread ladder steps for extra-sure footing, and silent Teflon washers for stealth butter-smooth seat movements. All in all, the only hurdles are the higher upfront cost and the overall weight of 127 lbs.


  • The most comfortable and roomiest 2-man ladder stand for bowhunting you’ll find
  • Extra-deep 36″ platform
  • Reliably quiet operation
  • Two independent flip-up oversized lounger chairs
  • Competitive 1-year warranty
  • Great tread on the ladder steps


  • High upfront cost
  • Heavy at 127 lbs

#4) Ol’Man by Millennium OL-22-00 Assassin 18’ Dual Ladder Stand

If our previous pick was too rich for your blood, Ol’Man’s Assassin 18′ 2-man ladder stand is an excellent budget alternative. Ol’Man is a well-known name among bowhunters, and the Assassin model delivers all the features we typically look for when choosing a good bowhunting ladder stand. First, we like the full platform with a comfy footrest on this model to avoid restricted movements.

Second, the Millennium Style ComfortMax seat delivers in the comfort department with lumbar support and enough room for two people not to feel cramped. Third, you’ll enjoy that the seats fold in both directions, which we feel is one of the greatest selling points of this model for bowhunters.

Another reason you might want to choose this one over the Sasquatch, outside of the lower price, is that it weighs 20 lbs less at 107 lbs, yet it has the same weight capacity of 500 lbs. Also, it’s the same height at 18′. Finally, the biggest drawback of this model compared to the Sasquatch is that the Ol’Man seats do not operate independently to allow a single person to sit or stand.


  • More affordable than the Sasquatch at the time of this writing
  • It weighs 20 lbs less than the Sasquatch (107 lbs)
  • The seat fold in both directions
  • Sports an extra-large full platform
  • An anti-flex bridge support system for maximum stability
  • 2mm steel tubing with a powder coat finish to withstand the elements


  • The seats do not operate independently
  • Instructions could be better
  • Not quite as comfortable as the Sasquatch

#5) Rivers Edge LD200 Lockdown 21’ Wide 1-Man Treestand 1-Man

Now, we’re going to finish up this guide with a bang because this is an amazing ladder stand for bowhunting – if you’re able to track one down. Similar to the Sasquatch, this is a premium-quality ladder stand that requires a little more scratch than most to call your own. For this reason, the Lockdown series is best for seasoned hunters or folks with secure hunting spots on properties not prone to theft.

First, let’s consider the fact that this is the best bowhunting ladder stand for big guys. At 21″ wide, the seat gives most guys more than enough room without feeling cramped even with their gear. Next, the 32.5″ Deep platform is one of the deepest you’ll find featured in a 1-man model. After that, the 21′ model is the tallest in this guide out of the box if you’re concerned about scent or prefer the extra height.

Finally, it’s important to consider the unique Rivers Edge ground-level ratcheting system. With this system, you’re able to secure the top stand from the ground for the safest installation process. Overall, we could keep babbling about how great this model is, but the combination of the ratchet system, extra-large seat & platform, and silent design make this a top bowhunting stand for any hunter.


  • Our top pick for big guys
  • Ground-level ratcheting system
  • One of the deepest platforms offered by a 1-man model
  • Reliably quiet performance
  • 21′ height version
  • One of the sturdiest models on the market


  • Hard to find at the time of this writing
  • Heavy for a 1-man model

Bottom Line

Unlike most bowhunting gear, the best bowhunting ladder stand can be trickier to find because models tend to go in and out of stock at a moment’s notice. As for brands, our favorites are Rivers Edge, Hawk, and Ol’Man by Millennium. These are all premium and trustworthy brands that know what goes into engineering a stand.

Outside of those brands, we feel as though Big Game is a sold budget alternative, and Guide Gear is another budget dealer that some bowhunters prefer. Personally, we’re not too big on Guide Gear because they tend to manufacture overly heavy models that aren’t the most comfortable. We put Big Game’s stand at #1 because it’s easy to find and gives you the most bang for your buck.

Lastly, beyond looking at brands, be sure to consider the most important features to look for in a good bowhunting ladder stand that we listed in the opener. If you decide to choose a model not featured here, then those are the features to keep an eye out for while browsing.

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