Top 5 Best Safety Harnesses for Bowhunting – [2024 Reviews]

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As a continuation of our guide to choosing the best climbing stand for bowhunting, we’re bringing you the perfect companion article. In this guide, we share tips on choosing the best safety harness for bowhunting along with our top picks. We’re core believers in safety first and efficiency. A good harness keeps you alive and makes you a better hunter.

It drives us nuts when we see guys climb a tree without fall protection. As a matter of fact, even with all the available products, tips, and free information available to us today, fall deaths remain one of the leading causes of hunting-related deaths.

Back in 2014, an article quoted a conservation officer from Indiana saying:

Accidents involving tree stands are the number one hunting accident.

If that’s not clear enough, we don’t know what is. Having said that, it’s never our goal to scare our fellow hunters. We just want to see that quote change. Our goal is to help you land on the right bow hunting harness for you that fits comfortably and makes you want to wear it.

So, with that out of the way, let’s jump into our top picks.

Best Bowhunting Safety Harness Reviews

Clearly, the most important factor that goes into choosing a harness is comfort. Next are durability, function, and weight. Additionally, you always want to check the height & weight restrictions along with the actual size. We did our best to notify you about sizing discrepancies among brands because as we all know, hunting gear brands aren’t always accurate with their stated sizes.

In each of the following reviews, you’ll find the most important information & highlights to consider for each model, plus the key pros & cons to consider before making your final decision.

#1) Hunter Safety System ProSeries PRO-R Harness with EliminiShield

The overall best bow hunting harness is the ProSeries by HSS. First, it’s available in sizes from small/medium all the way up to 3X which makes it a suitable choice for big guys. Second, this model is our favorite one with pockets. The obvious advantage here is that it allows for quick access to your rangefinder and other hunting accessories. Essentially, if you like to wear a hunting vest, then you can skip it by getting this.

Next, the latest model is 40% lighter than the previous model with the addition of HSS’s new ElimiShield odor protection. So, if you’re used to having to throw out your harness due it to forming a permanent funk, ElimiShield is the solution. In total, there are eight pockets for quick access to your gear and a set of dual bino clips to hold your bowhunting binoculars.

One last unique feature we like is the USB charging port that functions similarly to what you might find on a hunting backpack. To make this work, you slide a small power bank inside the vest and connect it to the built-in USB port. Then, you have access to the USB charging port from the outside of the vest. All in all, this model maximizes safety, comfort, and efficiency in the field.

Note: You might also be interested in the lighter hybrid version.


  • Our favorite bowhunting harness with pockets
  • Convenient USB charging port
  • Dual bino clips
  • EliminShield odor protection protects against funk
  • Large sizes for big guys up to 300 lbs
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs under 3 lbs
  • Includes everything you need right out of the box including an instructional DVD


  • Sizing can be tricky if your size lands between two sizes
  • Heavier than the lightest models
  • Highest upfront cost at the time of this writing

#2) Summit Treestands Pro Harness

If you prefer a lightweight safety harness without pockets, then Summit’s Pro model is the one for you. Especially, if you already own a Summit climbing stand since the integration is seamless. First, if you’re not a fan of pockets, you might prefer the ladder-style webbing straps on this model that allow for the complete customization of your accessories.

Summit refers to this design as the military-inspired MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), and it’s also what you might have seen on an ironworker safety harness. So, if you’re accustomed to wearing this type for military or construction purposes, you’ll already know your way around it.

Regarding comfort, the Pro Harness features padded shoulder straps and high-quality slides that make adjustments easy-peasy. Once you get it dialed in, you’ll most likely forget you’re wearing it, which should be how this type of hunting harness fits. Lastly, we like that Summit goes the extra mile with its design to ensure its harnesses meet safety guidelines laid out by the Treestand Manufacturers’ Association (TMA). Overall, we feel the Pro model is the best archery safety harness for the money currently available.


  • Easy adjustments
  • High-quality strap system to avoid any annoying pinching
  • One of the lightest harnesses on the market
  • Complies with TMA standards
  • Large size accommodates folks up to 300 lbs and up to a 46″ waist size
  • Webbing to securely hook your gear
  • 1-year warranty
  • Includes Summit’s Lineman Climbing Rope


  • No pockets
  • The straps might feel long when you’re not wearing many layers during the early season
  • Not quite as light as our next pick

#3) Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite HSS-320 Treestand Safety Harness

Another outstanding hunting harness by HSS is the Ultra-Lite model. As the name implies, this is one of the lightest models offered by HSS, and it’s certainly lighter than the ProSeries model. However, it’s important to factor in that you might drop a layer when using the ProSeries since it has all the pockets you need.

Outside of that consideration, the Ultra-Lite is right on par with Summit’s Pro, and choosing between the two really comes down to your preferences. First, this model comes backed by HSS’s longest warranty of 5 years, and that’s the longest you’ll find in this guide. Second, the overall design is built for comfort first with smooth edges, padding throughout the straps, good ventilation, and the latest model has ElimiShield.

A couple of final highlights we like are the built-in mesh cell phone pocket and the patented HSS design that gets rid of dangling straps & weave-through buckles. The only real missing ingredient that we’d like to see is more loops in the straps to hook gear onto.


  • No dangling straps
  • Not bulky at all, slim enough to fit beneath your clothes
  • Lighter than our top 2 picks
  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty
  • Mesh phone pocket
  • No step-through leg straps to worry about
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy and comfortable to hike in and drag deer


  • No loops on the shoulder straps
  • Can potentially block access to your pockets

#4) Muddy Safeguard Harness

Muddy Safeguard Harness, includes Lineman's Belt, Tree Strap, Suspension Releif Strap, Caribiner, Black/Orange, L MSH400-L

Now for the best hunting safety harness for big guys by Muddy. The reason we like this one for big guys the most is that it’s super lightweight in the XL size at under 2 lbs, yet it supports up to 300 lbs. Don’t worry, even if you’re on the small side, this is an excellent lightweight bowhunting harness available in sizes for all.

Clearly, the major reason to choose this model is that it’s lighter than our first three picks. In addition to that highlight, we also really like the flexible tether that allows for uninhibited 360º movement. Next, a couple of differences to keep in mind between this model and the HSS Ultra-Lite is that this model does feature step-through leg straps, and it includes a one-hand carabiner, unlike the Ultra-Lite.

Additionally, the minimalist design is less likely to block access to your pockets than the HSS Ultra-Lite. After those considerations, it’s important to note that Muddy backs its harnesses with a competitive 1-year warranty, and there’s just enough padding throughout to make this model comfortable for all-day wear.


  • Lighter than our top 3 picks at 1.9 lbs
  • Once you adjust it to fit, there’s only a single buckle at the chest
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comfortable for big & tall guys up to 300 lbs
  • Includes a carabiner and Safe-Line
  • Built-in bino straps
  • A minimalistic design that’s unlikely to affect access to your pockets


  • No integrated pockets
  • You might prefer the HSS Ultra-Lite with no step-through leg straps
  • Not everyone is a fan of the yellow “Muddy” lettering on the straps

#5) Summit Treestands Sport SU83089 Safety Harness

Summit Treestands Mens Safety Harness SPORT, Large SU83089

Last up is our top budget pick by the ever-reliable Summit brand. Compared to the standard harness included with Summit climbing stands, the Sport model is definitely a step up the ladder in the quality department. Similar to the Muddy model above, this is a minimalist, lightweight harness that gets the job done. The main advantage of this type of harness is that you’re more likely to forget you’re wearing it.

A couple of reasons we like Muddy’s model more than Summit’s Sport are the Muddy model is lighter, and it has more padding. Other than those considerations, the Sport harness does match Muddy’s max recommended weight of 300 lbs with up to a 46″ waist size limit.

Final considerations are the reliable Summit warranty, a design that meets TMA standards, the ability to wear it above or below clothing depending on the season, and near-silent operation. Summit achieves this through the use of its silent-slide Prusik knot and rubberized quick-lock buckles. Overall, this is the most affordable hunting harness in our guide at the time of this writing and a worthy choice for any bowhunter.


  • The most affordable model in our guide at the time of this writing
  • Lighter than the Summit Pro
  • The same Summit 1-year warranty
  • Made for use above or below clothing
  • Safely secures hunters up to 300 lbs
  • Convenient quick-snap buckles
  • Stealth operation with rubberized components


  • Harder to put on in the dark than other models
  • Straps dangle unlike HSS’s clean design
  • No pockets

Bottom Line

When you select the best safety harness for bowhunting, your number one goal should be to make sure you’re going to wear it. If you decide to buy online, it’s not a bad idea to try on a few of these models first to see which one feels the most comfortable. After all, no piece of hunting gear is one size fits all. That’s why you might prefer one brand while you’re hunting buddy prefers another.

If one thing is for sure, all of the harnesses in this guide will keep you safe while bow hunting. Summit, HSS, and Muddy are three names trusted by hunters across the country. If we had to choose just one brand, we’d go with HSS because we feel as though HSS models are the most comfortable. After that, Summit is a close second with Muddy not trailing too far behind.

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